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Are you in financial trouble? Is your monthly debt payments higher than 20% of your income? You need the best debt consolidation program to solve your current problems. At Debt Free Credit Solution, we help our clients with advice on how to handle their money and get the best debt relief. Our team of professionals understands your current financial situation and can help you enroll in debt consolidation programs. Regardless of your income level and other factors, we will help you explore the best debt relief solutions in Canada.

Debt Free Credit Solution has been in this industry for almost a decade and we are proudly helping our hundreds of clients regain control of their finances. We are located in Toronto, and we are a team of professionals with the right set of expertise required for handling different kinds of debt issues. If you’re looking for debt relief solutions, call us today for help!


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Debt consolidation is combining all debts into one single new loan with a single monthly payment. It allows you to reduce the amount of money you have to pay each month. Because you will have only one payment to worry about, it is easier for you to pay off debt and get out of it faster. Also, you are able to secure a low-interest rate on all your debt combined. A debt consolidation loan is not that complicated because of the below reasons;

• A debt consolidation loan is offered to you based on your credit score; it’s an unsecured loan and so you need not put any collateral to get it.

• You’ll have a qualified counselor handling everything associated with the debt consolidation loan.

• You’ll get valuable financial advice from the counselor who will set up a consolidated lower monthly payment for you.


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Low-Interest Rate – You will have to focus on one low-interest rate for a debt consolidation loan so it could save you from spending more money on debts.

Easy to Keep Track of – Having one regular payment is easy to keep track of and so you will not miss your payment deadline.

Reduced Stress – Paying off your credit card and other debts is a stressful task. Having a single payment to make monthly will relieve you from stress and makes it easy for you to manage your finances.

Improved Credit Score – Maintaining a regular payment setup can improve your credit score, making it easy for you to borrow in the future.