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Get Control of all Your Assets with Consumer Proposals

Want to get your debts under control? Are you looking for an alternate solution to bankruptcy? You should consider the consumer proposal! A consumer proposal is a debt settlement where a licensed insolvency trustee will negotiate with the creditors to lower your debts. Once it is filed, a consumer proposal will freeze the interest on the debt you owe and will stop the collection calls and wage garnishment. What makes a consumer proposal different from bankruptcy is that it is a formal agreement with your creditors, and it allows you to keep more of your assets while also having less effect on your credit score.

To file a consumer proposal,

• Your debt should be less than $250,000

• You should be able to repay your debts but with an extended time

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• A consumer proposal is much simpler than bankruptcy; it allows you to control all your assets including your home, and other properties;

• A consumer proposal require lower regular payment agreed upon by the creditors whereas bankruptcy payments are based on your income; the higher your income, the more will be your payment

• Filing a consumer proposal is less costly than bankruptcy; you’ll only have to pay the licensed insolvency trustee who processes the proposal

• A consumer proposal has less effect on your credit score unlike bankruptcy where you will get an R9 credit rating

filing a consumer proposal toronto WHY US?

Recent government studies have shown some common “events” that contribute to or cause people to experience financial problems. They’include:

At Debt Free Credit Solution, we will be able to explain all the available debt relief options so that you can find the best solution for you. Whether you’re considering consumer proposal or bankruptcy, our team of professionals will analyse your financial situation and help determine the debt relief option that suits you. Contact us for a free initial consultation now!


By filing a consumer proposal, you only need to repay a portion of your debt and that too, with a repayment period of 5 years. Here’re the other benefits associated with consumer proposal;

• You do not have to pay interest on your debt

• You can have control to keep all your assets including your home, vehicle and others;

• You only have to repay a portion of the debt you owe

• You will only have to make a fixed payment that won’t increase based on your income

• You will not get any collection calls, wage garnishments and legal threats