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A decade of knowledge and experience to help you regain control of your finances.

Debt Free Credit Solution represents the debtor to structure the payment terms of a consumer proposal which is filed by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

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Learn how to manage your debt let us guide you in reducing your debt before it becomes a problem.


Don't stress about uncontrollable debt, let us help you deal with your creditors.


When you can't afford to pay it all back, learn more about debt relief.


Providing you with the right tools to help you with your financial recovery.


Living with overwhelming debt can be stressful and isolating. Here at Debt Free Credit Solution, we understand the challenges you're facing. With over years of experience helping Toronto residents navigate their financial situations, we're committed to finding debt solutions that protect your financial interests and empower you to regain control. Together, you and our team of committed experts will evaluate your particular circumstance and consider all of your options.

We make sure you are aware of every stage of the process because we value openness and transparency in communication. We will fight for you and your financial security, whether that means engaging in negotiations with creditors, looking into consumer proposals, or creating a customized debt management plan. Our mission is to assist you in finding a long-term debt repayment plan that will enable you to improve your credit and take steps toward a more secure financial future. When drafting a consumer proposal and negotiating with creditors, Debt Free Credit Solution represents you. A Licensed Insolvency Trustee files a legally binding agreement to lower debt and establish a repayment schedule, offering protection from creditor collection and interest rate freezes. Working with a debt-free credit solution is the first step towards financial freedom, with ongoing support provided.

At Debt Free Credit Solution, we identify the best solutions for your unique circumstances. We ask simple, direct questions and try to find a solution as quickly as possible to help you move forward.

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Learn how to manage your debt, let us guide you in reducing your debt before it becomes a problem.

Don’t stress about uncontrollable debt, let us help you deal with your creditors.

When you can’t afford to pay it all back, learn more about debt relief.

Providing you with the right tools to help you with your financial recovery.

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Reduce your Debt

ln most cases of consumer proposal, you will pay back much less than the full amount, interest free, and over a maximum period of 60 months..

Stop Collection Calls

when a consumer proposal is filed, all collections calls, wage garnishees and legal actions stop.

Keep Your Assets

Debt Free credit Solution will help you keep your home and essential assets.

Avoid Losing It All

When you can't afford to pay to pay all back, we will find you a solution to help you not lose it all.

Rebuild Your Credit

We'll provide you with a realistic plan based on your current situation to help you get your financials back on track.

Invest in Your Future

It's never too late to get help and to start planning for a stable future for you and your family. We're here to help.


For more than a decade Debt Free Credit Solution has helped clients understand their options, rights and obligations when dealing with credit debt solutions. we strive to help you regain control of your finances.


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Your Debt Free specialist in Toronto, On.

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Are There Any Benefits of Credit Counseling?

In today’s world, no one does anything without their gain. So, why would someone hire a company to take care of the finances? Or to suggest to them how to deal with debts and credit cards? To understand this, you first need to understand that credit counseling is different from financial planning. Credit counseling comes in handy when someone wants to control the spiraling into the abyss of debts and credit card bills. The credit...

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Tips to Manage Your Debts of Any Size

If you are under any kind of debt, no matter how small or how large, you need to learn to manage it well. After all, that’s the only solution to pay off the debt without juggling your payments. So, here, let’s see some of the basic yet useful tips to manage your financial crises from debt solutions Toronto experts. Know How Much You Owe Start by making a list of all of your debts including...

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Simplified Way to Filing A Consumer Proposal

A consumer proposal is a debt settlement that legally binds you and your creditors. This process officially helps you repay your debts with an extended timeframe. So, herein is a simplified way of filing a consumer proposal. 1. Contact A Licensed Insolvency Trustee This should be your first step to approach consumer proposal Toronto services and get a consultation regarding the debt assessment. The trustee will help you understand the different debt relief options available...

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Pro Tips On Finding Yourself a Good Credit Counselor

Who is a Credit Counselor? Credit Counselors are the professionals that help people pay off their debts. They advise you on how you can budget your money and use the credits wisely. Some credit counselors are also non-profit offering their services at local corporations, on the phone, or online. Others are commercial and charge a certain fee for their expert services. All of the credit counselors or credit counseling Toronto agencies are regulated by the...

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The world where you live is expensive. To cover all the requirements, money is needed the most. But for lots of people, it’s impossible to pay all the bills in the earning they get. In such a case, debt happens. And very soon, it leads to high-interest rates which become hard to manage. Debt consolidation is a strategy that manages all debt and merges it into one single payment. It comes with a lower interest...

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